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Georgia Victim Impact Panel is a program provided by 2 Wings DUI School.

Welcome to 2 Wings Recovery Victim Impact Panel  

At 2 Wings Recovery Victim Impact Panel we provide a safe place for offenders to satisfy court ordered requirements.  Our program is truly unique because it fills the program gap by offering in-demand recovery programs that deal with topics often overlooked.

At 2 Wings Recovery Victim Panel, you will experience a challenging yet effective curriculum designed to support your recovery and decrease your chances of relapse.  Listening and learning are your primary responsibilities as it is imperative that you gain a full understanding of the impact of your offense. You will also have an opportunity to participate in 1-on-1 counseling to ensure that you maximize your experience and accelerate your recovery.

We provide common recovery programs such and DUI, child abuse, property crime, and sexual assault.  In addition, we provide many classes that are inaccesable or hard to find such as transgender assaults and homicide.

Your life will benefit from these intense classes as you recognize the consequences of your crime and how it affects your life and the lives
of those you have offended.  With our flexible schedule and  multiple locations you will have access to the therapy you need listen, learn
and create a life without crime.

Mission Statement

The purpose of 2 Wings Recovery Victim’s Impact Panel is to make all participants aware of the potential an possible devastation caused by abusing alcohol and or any other types of drugs.  Our panel brings awareness of the life changing impact that substance abuse has on victims, family members, communities, workplaces and our country.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to create a safer community by facilitating behavioral changes that lead offenders to become more productive responsible law abiding citizens.


2 Wings Recovery Victim Impact Panel purpose is to provide an opportunity for DUI offenders to see and hear the reality of DUI, DWI, and OWI have severe consequences and the hope of reducing recidivism a reality.