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Georgia Victim Impact Panel is a program provided by 2 Wings DUI School.

2 Wings Recovery Victims Impact Panel operates several Panels throughout State of Georgia in twelve counties. We offer the right solution for offenders who have been court mandated to attend a Victim Impact Panel class.  We conduct Victim Impact Panel classes requiring 2.5 hours of instruction, testing and certificate.  Panel speakers are those whose lives have been tragically affected by a violent crime.

Along with our numerous Metro Atlanta locations, we offer a frequent and flexible schedule making our services more accessible.  Additionally, we address issues that many Victim Impact Panels do not, such as hate crimes, sexual assault, robbery, gang related crimes, inmate partner violence, transgender assault, drunk driving and murder.

At 2 Wings Recovery Victim Impact Panel, we provide services for most offenders over the age of 12.  Those who may attend a Victim Impact Panel can be, drivers, high school student, military personnel, officers, counselors, attorneys, judges and anyone else who works with offenders.

We accommodate walk-ins; no need to schedule a date to attend a Victim Impact Panel.  You can contact us for more information at 706-441-0014 during our normal operating hours.  You may also check the schedule to see when a Panel is taking place.

DUI/Impaired Driving

The DUI/Impaired Drivers Victim Impact class is an educational program designed to teach offenders about the human consequences of DUI, DWI and how their actions of being impaired by drugs and alcohol while driving affects their lives and the lives of those in the community.

Domestic Abuse

The panel’s focus is to help an offender properly label their behavior, understand the impact of the assault from their  victim’s perspective and chose a differnet way to manage conflict in the future.  Hearing the story from the victim will provide a way for an offender to see how their actions affect his/her life and the life of the victim.

Sexual Assault

Sexual Assault Victim Impact Panel (SA) is a community meeting where volunteers who have been victims, offenders, or witnesses give testimonies of experience they or loved ones have endured due to acts of sexual assault.   The panel’s focus is to help a defendant label label their behavior.

Hate Crimes

Hate and bias crimes are motivated by hostility and prejudice against a person based on his or her race, religion, sexual orientation, disability, or ethnicity/national origin. Most victims of these crimes are targeted because they represent a particular group rather than because of any personal conflict or problem.